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Authors: Michael Modigell, Torsten Volkmann, Christoph Zang

Abstract: Rheometrical analysis of steel slurries in rotational rheometers requires a range of operating temperatures of about 1300 to 1600 °C,...

Authors: Michael Modigell, Lars Pape, Ksenija Vasilic

Abstract: The direct analysis and the inverse parameter fitting are methods for determination of unknown material parameters in rheometry. In this...

Authors: Da Hu Yao, Kyung Bok Sun, Peng Li, Joong Hee Lee

Abstract: The curing reaction of the system bisphenol-A glycidol ether epoxy resin modified by poly (ethylene glycol) (PEO) and flexible amine (D-230)...

Authors: Andreas N. Alexandrou, Georgios C. Georgiou, Eva Athena Economides, Michael Modigell

Abstract: In this work we revisit the issue of obtaining true material constants for semisolid slurries. Therefore, we consider the circular Couette...

Authors: H.V. Atkinson

Abstract: The numerical modeling of semi-solid processing requires data on the rheological properties of materials. This data is often obtained by...

Authors: Boris Ouriev

Abstract: Understanding of flow properties and flow effects of liquid and semisolid aluminum became a key solution for know-how of casting process....

Authors: Michael Modigell, Lars Pape, Horst R. Maier

Abstract: The investigation of the flow behavior of semi-solid steel alloys poses a great challenge by reason of high operation temperatures and the...

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