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Authors: Peng Gang Mu, Xiao Peng Wan, Mei Ying Zhao

Abstract: Based on an amount of fatigue experimental data of fiber reinforced plastic composite, a new three-parameter S-N curve model is proposed to...

Authors: Yong Yun Nam, Seung Ho Han, Jeong Woo Han, Byung Chun Shin

Abstract: The hot spot stress or the notch strain alleviates the welding detail dependency of S-N curve to some extent. This paper suggests a new...

Authors: Kazutaka Mukoyama, Koushu Hanaki, Kenji Okada, Akiyoshi Sakaida, Atsushi Sugeta, Izuru Nishikawa, Akira Ueno, Tatsuo Sakai

Abstract: The aim of this study is to develop a statistical estimation method of S-N curve for iron and structural steels by using their...

Authors: Byeong Choon Goo, Jae Hoon Kim, Jung Won Seo, Chang Sung Seok
Authors: Hoda Eskandari, Ho Sung Kim

Abstract: A theory for mathematical framework is developed with axioms for fatigue damage, quantification and relativity concept, boundary conditions,...

Authors: Adam Lipski

Abstract: The paper presents a new thermographic method that enables simultaneous accelerated determination of the fatigue limit and the S-N curve. In...

Authors: Przemysław Strzelecki, Janusz Sempruch, Krzysztof Nowicki

Abstract: The study discusses the issue of determining the accuracy of fatigue characteristics in a high-cycle fatigue range using...

Authors: Przemysław Strzelecki, Janusz Sempruch, Tomasz Tomaszewski

Abstract: This paper presents two methods for estimating the S-N fatigue curve. The first is the traditional linear regression and staircase method....

Authors: Byeong Choon Goo

Abstract: A structural steel should satisfy various properties under varied conditions. Fatigue strength is one of them. When structural steels are...

Authors: Jiang Tao Xu, Yan Dong Song

Abstract: This paper based on the data of enterprise’s bench test, first set up the finite element analysis model for the front sub-frame by using the...

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