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Authors: Hong Xing Zhou, Hong Cao, Wu Zhang
Abstract: Flood-induced piping and subsequent formation of sand boils can cause severe damage to river levees. And it is known that no piping failure occurs, without seepage exit. The paper represents an experimental study on the process and mechanism of seepage exit forming on top stratum at a weak zone in a double-layer dike foundation, using sandbox modeling. According to the practical observation, three series experiments were designed. The size, thickness and the physical and mechanical properties of the top stratum are considered. The results show that the failure mode is close related to the size of the weak zone. And the hydraulic gradient of seepage exit forming is greater than the value, computed by Terzaghi’s formula.
Authors: Yue Guo Shen, Xiao Qi Li, Nei Juan Du, Zhong Feng Shi
Abstract: Analyzing mechanism and conditions that cause seepage failure during deep foundation pit dewatering, some measures of controlling seepage failure are put forward in design and construction of foundation pit. Good results have gotten with these measures in a foundation pit. This paper provides references for foundation pit dewatering and relative study.
Authors: Chao Tong, Xiao Bing Liu, Yong Zhong Zeng
Abstract: Seepage damage has been one of the most important factors that affect the safe operation of embankment dams, So more consideration is taken into the saturated soil more than non-saturated soil. In this paper, we carry on the experiment by using SEEP/W software to take the flow field analysis of unsaturated soil of the core embankment dam. Based on the experiment, we analyzed the normal water level of dam seepage line, checked the flood level lower position, the pressure and the flow hydrodynamic calculations of the dam such as hydraulic slope, analyzed different water seepage under the dam changes, as well as the reason of the causing damage to the dam and the effect on the heart wall seepage is also analyzed. We found that the reason of dam destroyed is due to the hydraulic slope caused by excessive exports, we propose the corresponding seepage control measures. To solve this problem, we conducted the filtration for the seepage export processing.
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