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Authors: Bo Xu, Z.G. Wang, Y.H. Chen, P. Jin, X.L. Ye, Feng Qi Liu
Abstract:This paper reviews our work on controlled growth of self-assembled semiconductor nanostructures, and their application in light-emission...
Authors: Kun Wang, Chang Ju, Jing Qian, He Nan Li, Li Na Dai, Yi Cong Jin
5 Material Processing Technology
Abstract:A novel reagentless H2O2 biosensor based on ionic liquid 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium hexafluorophosphate...
Authors: Dj. Veljković, M. Tadić, F.M. Peeters
Abstract:Exciton states in type-II InP/InGaP and GaSb/GaAs self-assembled quantum dots and quantum-dot superlattices subject to a normal magnetic...
  | Authors: U.S. Chen, Heng Yi Su, Chung Hao Wang, Han Chang Shih, Chien Te Hsieh, Jin Ming Chen
Abstract:Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) were functionalized using a simple method of heat treatment under oxygen atmosphere followed by an immersion in a...
Authors: Jun Hong Guo, Jin Feng Cui, Shu Hui Li, Xue Mei Bao, Xiang Ming Yao, Jun Hong Jia, Bao Ping Yang
Chapter 2: Materials Engineering Research, Materials in Manufacturing Processes
Abstract:The Ag nanoparticles was prepared by reduction of silver nitrate with sodium citrate, and the APS monolayers was self-assembled with...
Authors: Zhao Qiang Zheng, Huan Yu Wu, Bing Wang
Chapter 1: Micro/Nano Materials and Films
Abstract:In2O3 nanorods have been fabricated on Cr comb-shaped interdigitating electrodes using thermal evaporation of the mixed...
Authors: Hui Jun Ren, Guo Qiang Tan, Hong Yan Miao, Ya Yu Song, Ao Xia
Abstract:In this article, (NH4)2TiF6, SrNO3 and H3BO3 were used as raw materials to prepare the precursor solution with the ratio of AHFT/SN/BA=1:1:3....
Authors: Yong Zhi Cao, Shen Dong, Ying Chun Liang, Tao Sun
Abstract:As a “bottom-up” approach to nanostructures for nanofabrication, self-assembled block copolymer thin films have received much attention not...
Authors: Jiang Ying Li, Bao Juan Xi, Jun Pan, Yi Tai Qian
Abstract:Urchin-like CuO, consisting of closely packed nanorods with a diameter of 10nm, have been successfully synthesized by a poly(ethylene glycol)...
Authors: Mohammadreza Pourfard, Karim Faez, S. Hadi Tabaian
Abstract:In this paper a new robust and precise ordering criterion for the characterization of self-assembled hexagonal lattice like Anodic aluminum...
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