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Authors: Annalisa Pola, Roberto Roberti, Ermanno Bertoli, Disman Furloni

Abstract: Semi-solid processing is nowadays a powerful technology for the realization of structural components; in addition to the increase in their...

Authors: Guo Chao Gu, Raphaël Pesci, Eric Becker, Laurent Langlois, Régis Bigot

Abstract: It is necessary to well understand the microstructure evolution during high speed heating and forming for steel thixoforging, since it...

Authors: Chen Yang Zhang, Sheng Dun Zhao, Guan Hai Yan, Yong Fei Wang

Abstract: To prepare semi-solid AlSi9Mg alloy slurry, we simulated electromagnetic stirring (EMS) based on a coupled 3D model of electromagnetic...

Authors: Meng Ou Tang, Jun Xu, Zhi Feng Zhang, Yue Long Bai

Abstract: Annular electromagnetic stirring (A-EMS) process is an advanced semi-solid metal processing technology. It could avoid the effect of skin...

Authors: Zheng Liu, Wei Min Mao

Abstract: The semi-solid A356 alloy slurry is prepared by compound process, and the effect of the compound process on morphology and size of primary...

Authors: Michael Modigell, Torsten Volkmann, Christoph Zang

Abstract: Rheometrical analysis of steel slurries in rotational rheometers requires a range of operating temperatures of about 1300 to 1600 °C,...

Authors: Song Yang Zhang, Rui Zhang, Xing Zhang, Cheng Cheng Wang

Abstract: Metal ceramic composite are adding ceramic particle powder to metal, also called powder dispersion reinforced materials, Its unique...

Authors: H. Meidani, S. Hossein Nedjad, Mahmoud Nili-Ahmadabadi

Abstract: A new process for fabrication of semisolid billets is introduced, which involves equal channel angular pressing and isothermal heating in...

Authors: Xiang Wang, Tong Zhao, Di Tie, Ren Guo Guan

Abstract: A novel process for grain refining and manufacture of high quality semisolid slurries ofalloys was developed. The process was proven to...

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