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Authors: Jin Kyung Lee, Young Chul Park, Sang Ll Lee, Joon Hyun Lee, Jong Baek Lee

Abstract: Tensile residual stress happen by difference of coefficients of thermal expansion between fiber and matrix is one of the serious problems...

Authors: Li Na Bai, Gui Xing Zheng, Jing Xin, Jian Jun Zhang

Abstract: The influences of Gd concentration on martensitic transformation and magnetic properties of NiMnIn alloys were investigated by differential...

Authors: Koichi Tsuchiya, O. Kawabata, Minoru Umemoto, H. Sato, K. Marukawa
Authors: Hirohisa Tamagawa

Abstract: A polymer fabricated by mixing PU soft segment and epoxy bore the thermal characteristics of the melting temperature, Tm, of PU soft segment...

Authors: Wei Wang, Shi Yan, Gang Bing Song, Li Jiao

Abstract: An improved two-dimensional constitutive model for shape memory alloys (SMAs), which can describe both the shape memory effect (SME) and...

Authors: Bohong Jiang, Xuan Qi, Y. Ren, Cheng Ming Wang
Authors: Hong Gun Kim, H.K. Noh, Young Tae Cho, J.Y. Kim, S.K. Park, Dong Joo Lee
Authors: Junpei Sakurai, Yuko Aono, Yui Ishida, Seiichi Hata

Abstract: We investigated characteristics of Ti-Ni-Zr amorphous thin films before and after annealing, in order to search for novel Ti-Ni-Zr thin film...

Authors: Abdul Wadood, Tomonari Inamura, Hideki Hosoda, Shuichi Miyazaki

Abstract: In order to develop new nickel-free biomedical Ti-based alloys, effect of silver additions on mechanical properties of Ti-5Cr (mol%) alloy...

Authors: Devendra Gupta, David S. Lieberman

Abstract: The Au-Cd alloys continue to be important vehicles of research for the shape memory effect involving martensitic transformations and...

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