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Authors: M. Bakhshi, A. Gorji, M. Hosseinzade, M. Jamshidi, G. Mohammad-Alinejad

Abstract: Some new sheet hydroforming processes have been introduced during the last few years to increase the application and to overcome some of the...

Authors: Jin Yan Wang, Ji Xian Sun

Abstract: In most FEM codes, the isotropic-elastic & transversely anisotropic-elastoplastic model using Hill's yield function has been widely adopted...

Authors: Ai Mei Zhang, Zhi Yuan Zhang, Qi Li

Abstract: The sheet metal forming of magnesium alloy is studied. A novel hydro-mechanical deep drawing for magnesium alloy sheets at gradient...

Authors: M.S. Niazi, V. Timo Meinders, H.H. Wisselink, C.H.L.J. ten Horn, Gerrit Klaseboer, A.H. van den Boogaard

Abstract: The global fuel crisis and increasing public safety concerns are driving the automotive industry to design high strength and low weight...

Authors: Hua Liu, Kai Yong Jiang, Bin Liu, Ping Lu

Abstract: This paper proposes a fast and convenient method to inverse the material performance parameters in stamping forming. This method effectively...

Authors: Zhi Ren Han, Qiang Xu, Ze Bing Yuan

Abstract: An experimental study is conducted to explore a new method to calculate the strain in axisymmetric workpiece forming. When designing deep...

Authors: Zeng Tao Chen, Rahul Datta

Abstract: We propose a new critical void volume fraction (fc) criterion that identifies the onset of void coalescence based on the stress state of the...

Authors: Liu Ru Zhou

Abstract: According to sine law, a vertical wall square box can’t be formed by NC incremental sheet metal forming process in a single process, rather,...

Authors: Xiang An Yang, Feng Ruan

Abstract: Nature of springback in sheet metal forming was analysed in the study, two stress-based objective functions were established to evaluate...

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