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Authors: H. Maupas, Jean-Louis Chermant
Authors: A.A.A.P. Silva, A.S. Rodrigues, R.X. Freitas, S.E.N. Cury, I.V.F. Suhett, C. Santos

Abstract: In this work, the effect of pressure and direction of compression in the shrinkage and flatness of...

Authors: Kritkaew Somton, Kannigar Dateraksa, Ryan C. McCuiston

Abstract: The relationship between granule property, pressed green density and shrinkage of 92% alumina spray dried granules were studied for both...

Authors: Luis Costa, Maria Clara Cramez, A.J. Pontes

Abstract: Warpage and poor dimensional stability of rotomoulded products are two of the main obstacles to the use of this technique in the production...

Authors: Yan Ying Li, Yong Sheng Zhang

Abstract: To test the temperature stress and deformation of the major platform in Nanjing Olympic Sports Center, 8 shrinkage members and 3 creep...

Authors: S. Ragunath, R. Gokulan, K. Letcham

Abstract: The aim of this investigation is to study the use of the water soluble polyethylene glycol as self-curing agent. The function of self-curing...

Authors: Abul B.M. Saifullah, Syed H. Masood

Abstract: In an injection moulded part, warpage is the distortion caused by non-uniform shrinkage within the plastic part. When looking critically at...

Authors: Yin Fang Jiang, Yi He, Yu Zhong He, Xiao Ming Qian, Yu Huang

Abstract: Shrinkage porosity defects occurring in ring groove underside the pin hole of aluminum piston are strongly influenced by the time-varying...

Authors: Yun Feng Li, Rong Qiang Du, Fan Ying Kong

Abstract: The early-age shrinkage cracking of concrete plays an important role to the accelerated deterioration and shortening the service life of...

Authors: Vojtěch Kolínský, Jan L. Vítek

Abstract: The paper deals with evaluation of experimental data collected during the Oparno arch bridge construction and with subsequent analysis of...

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