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Authors: Xue Qin Cao, Jin Ping Guan, Xin Qin, Chi Wei Li, Hong Wei Gu, Guo Qiang Chen

Abstract: The past decade has been marked by a growing interest in the development and use of ecologically friendly dyes. In this paper, a novel...

Authors: Akari Takeuchi, Chikara Ohtsuki, Toshiki Miyazaki, Shinichi Ogata, Masao Tanihara, H. Tanaka, Yoshiaki Furutani, Hisao Kinoshita
Authors: Mansur Ahmed, Md. Saiful Islam, Qumrul Ahsan, Md Mainul Islam

Abstract: Natural fibres offer a number of benefits as reinforcement for synthetic polymers since they have high specific strength and stiffness, high...

Authors: Hun Sik Kim, Byung Hyun Park, Jin San Yoon, Hyoung Joon Jin

Abstract: Biodegradable composites consisting of poly(butylene succinate) (PBS) and carbon nanotube (CNT)-coated silk (Bombxy mori) fibers were...

Authors: Jing Wang, Q.Z. Sun, Jing Gao, D.M. Liu, Xiang Cai Meng, Mu Qin Li

Abstract: Silk fibers were introduced into hydroxyapatite(HA)/chitosan(CS) matrix to prepare scaffold materials of bone tissue engineering with the...

Authors: Wei Lu, Xiao Ming Yang

Abstract: Based on researches, silk fabrics have certain health and medical functions. This thesis discusses the different fibers’ structures, and...

Authors: Wei Wei Yao, Zhi Wu Liu, Hong Gen Yi, Jian Nan Wang

Abstract: An attempt to change the structure of silk fibers and their properties for the biological application was studied by utilizing gamma...

Authors: T.M. Mruthyunjaya Swamy, Manjula Koregala Sidde Gowda, Siddaramaiah, Joong Hee Lee

Abstract: Composites of silk fibre reinforced chain extended polyurethane (CEPU) was synthesized by the reaction of castor oil with different...

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