Simulated Annealing Algorithm

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Authors: Hong Xiang Diao, Jian Xiao
Abstract:Intelligent computing is the application of advanced computing methods to improve performance in areas such as complex representations that...
Authors: Hang Sheng Jia, Fei Cheng
Chapter 2: Advanced Design Science (1)
Abstract:This paper combines Genetic Algorithm with Simulated Annealing Algorithm, namely GA-SA,to discuss vehicle paths and take into account the...
Authors: Jian Pan, Guo Hong Mao, Jin Xiang Dong
Chapter 5: Optimization and Scheduling
Abstract:The design of new products is a creative work based on designer’s knowledge or experience. This paper develops a web-based design platform...
Authors: En Jian Yao, Xue Ran Wang, Qi Rong Yang, Wei Song Hu, Zheng Pan
Chapter 7: Energy-Saving Technology and Energy Conversation
Abstract:With the popularity of e-commerce recently, how to control the operation cost has become an urgent issue need to be solved for all logistics...
Authors: Hong Yi Li, Meng Ye, Di Zhao
Chapter 7: Data and Signal Processing
Abstract:The Independent Component Analysis (ICA) is a classical algorithm for exploring statistically independent non-Gaussian signals from...
Authors: Yue Guang Li
Chapter 5: Information Technologies and Engineering, Computational Technologies
Abstract:In this paper, according to the characteristics and influence factors of the distribution logistics and distribution center problem, a...
Authors: Shu Fei Li
Chapter 1: Mechatronics
Abstract:An effective hybrid Simulated Annealing Algorithm based on Genetic Algorithm is proposed to apply to reservoir operation. Compared with other...
Authors: Yan Cao, Jiang Du
Abstract:Job-shop scheduling is one of the core research aspects of Manufacturing Execution System (MES). It is significant for improving the...
Authors: Jia Liu, Jing Li, Jun Yi Huo, Li Na Liu
Chapter 6: Algorithm Design
Abstract:The Sweden method of slices is used as the data model for slope stability analysis and a new searching method for slope stability analysis is...
Authors: Can Yi Huang
Chapter 4: Computation Methods and Algorithms for Modeling, Simulation and Optimization, Data Mining and Data Processing
Abstract:The core technology of apparel layout is the intelligent algorithm of apparel marker software, this paper puts forward an optimized particle...
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