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Authors: Wei Ning Bao, Xiao Hong Zhang, Yong Sheng Zhao, Yun Qing Zhang

Abstract: Due to nonlinearity, preload-dependent spring force and parameters uncertainty in air spring, it is difficult to control this suspension...

Authors: Guo Hua Xu, Ying Zhang, Ming Dong, Lu Wei Xu

Abstract: A switch-mode power amplifier based on a cascaded multicell multilevel circuit topology is introduced in the paper. Due to the Carrier-Based...

Authors: Yi Min Li, Yang Cai

Abstract: A novel Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control (AFSMC) methodology is proposed in this paper based on the integration of Sliding Mode Control...

Authors: Jenn Yih Chen, Bean Yin Lee

Abstract: Based on the passivity theorem, an approach of the rotor resistance estimation and sliding mode position control for induction motor drives...

Authors: Wen Da Zheng, Gang Liu, Jie Yang, Hong Qing Hou, Ming Hao Wang

Abstract: This paper presents a FBFN-based (Fuzzy Basis Function Networks) adaptive sliding mode control algorithm for nonlinear dynamic systems....

Authors: Qing He, Jin Kun Liu

Abstract: In this paper, an adaptive sliding mode control (ASMC) method for a single inverted pendulum (IP) is proposed. The physical parameters are...

Authors: Chun Sheng Chen

Abstract: This paper addresses the SMC-based adaptive wavelet-neural tracking control problem for a class of uncertain nonlinear systems. The adaptive...

Authors: Sheng Qi Chen, Jun Zhou

Abstract: A moving mass control of rotating spacecraft is a kind of new control mode, it differs from other control modes because it generates an...

Authors: Xi Jun Zhao, Wei Zhang, Hai Ou Liu, Hui Yan Chen

Abstract: A kind of intelligent vehicle–road model based on look-ahead reference system is established. According to the state equation, a novel...

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