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Authors: A. Kanouni, D. Saber, Azzeddine Samdi, A. Daoudi, Redouane Moussa, M. Gomina
Authors: Lin Feng Xu, Yun Feng Li, An Ze Shui, Yan Min Wang

Abstract: Various textured alumina ceramics were prepared by colloidal processing in high magnetic field and heating from alumina powder as raw...

Authors: Rogério Pinto Mota, Rodrigo Sampaio Fernandes, Élson de Campos, Emerson Ferreira de Lucena, Mauricio A. Algatti

Abstract: The starch consolidation technique is commonly used for obtaining porous ceramics due to bonding and porous-maker starch characteristic...

Authors: Mikolaj Szafran, K. Jach, A. Tomaszewska-Grzeda
Authors: Xin Wen Zhu, Tetsuo Uchikoshi, Yoshio Sakka

Abstract: Recently, textured microstructure has received particular interest in the processing of advanced Si3N4 ceramics because of significant...

Authors: Minoru Takahashi, Y. Kataoka, C.-S. Chieh, M. Oya, Masayoshi Fuji
Authors: A. Arellano, J. Lemus-Ruiz, D. Bouvard, L. Olmos

Abstract: The effect of the transformation of phase in nanopowders of transition alumina has showed to be detrimental for the final characteristics of...

Authors: Yuan Li, Yue Qiu

Abstract: Co-deposition of silicon carbide particles and carbon (or carbon sources) particles is essential for preparation of reaction bonded silicon...

Authors: Łukasz Zych, Anna Wajler, Radosław Lach

Abstract: Magnesium-aluminium spinel (MgAl2O4) in the form of transparent ceramics is applied in shields of infrared detectors...

Authors: Noor Faeizah Amat, Andanastuti Muchtar, Norziha Yahaya, Mariyam Jameelah Ghazali, Chin Chuin Hao

Abstract: Consolidation of ceramic parts may be achieved by several techniques, including the slip casting and cold isostatic pressing (CIP) methods....

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