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Authors: Wei Wei, Rui Qin Li
Chapter 10: Reproduction and Inherit of Local Architecture
Abstract:Along with the science and technology progress and widely used to deal with the challenges facing the city development,"Smart City" came into...
Authors: Yuan Ming Yuan, Xue Qin, Chan Le Wu, Tao Zhou Tang
Chapter 10: Environmentally Sustainable Manufacturing Processes and Systems
Abstract:With pervasive perception and deep correlation, smart city provides wisdom city services, which accelerates the progress of digital city and...
Authors: Vincenzo Gattulli, Francesco Potenza, Fabio Graziosi, Fabio Federici, Andrea Colarieti, Marco Faccio
Chapter 2: Structural Area
Abstract:The concept of Smart City (SC) has been introduced to categorize the vast area of activities to enhance the life quality of citizen, which...
Authors: Li Jun Wang, Ping Nan Ruan, Shuang Li
Chapter 11: Construction Technologies, Urban Planning and Urban Traffic
Abstract:This paper introduces the new concept to address the influence of information technology on rural economic development by an empirical study...
  | Authors: Luisa Errichiello, Alessandra Marasco
II. The Integrated Approach of Sustainable Urban Development
Abstract:The paper presents a multi-dimensional framework for exploring the drivers, structure and dynamics of public-private service innovation...
  | Authors: Gabriele Di Quarto, Antonino Labate, Maurizio Malaspina
III. Metropolitan City: Issues and Challenges
Abstract:The Open Source Architecture (OSArc) is a new collaborative way to design common and shared areas at an architectural level, but also at an...
Authors: Yue Gong, Peng Han
Chapter 25: Storage Technology and Energy-Saving Technology
Abstract:Along with the rapid development of the Internet of things, the concept of intelligent city gradually affect our life. In a large number of...
Authors: Yang Qing Zhu, Jun Zuo
Chapter 24: Urban Planning and Design, Resource utilization
Abstract:City management has been brought significant challenges by urban population increasing, for example, urban transport, environment, water...
Authors: Bo Wang, Yuan Gao, Qing Hong Shi, Yu Hang Zheng, Zhi Guo Sun
Chapter 8: Building Science and Technology
Abstract:Residential district is the mainstream living form of Chinese cities. China launched 192 smart cities pilot in 2013, so Smart Residential...
Authors: Bang Fu, Chen Yu Zhou
Chapter 10: New Technologies and Methods in Civil Engineering and Environment
Abstract:The transformation and the sustainable development of the resource-based cities have been a global problem. Those resource-based cities are...
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