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Authors: Iveta Štyriaková, R. Hampl, I. Jech

Abstract: To examine the effects of organic and inorganic amendments on the degradation of petroleum hydrocarbons, we conducted a pilot-scale...

Authors: Yuan Xue Liu, Zhong You Li, Jian Ting Zhou, Shu Guo Sun

Abstract: Set out from a basic idea that damage is a course of energy dissipation, a new damage variable is present. The damage variable is obtained...

Authors: Rafal Uliniarz

Abstract: The paper presents a reasonably advanced constitutive law for soil – a hybrid of the Modified Cam Clay and a new RU development. The...

Authors: Huu Duc To, Sergio Andres Galindo-Torres, Alexander Scheuermann

Abstract: Granular soil as a porous medium consists of particles, touching each other and forming a solid skeleton with interconnected pores. The...

Authors: Zeng Liang Gao, W. Hong, B. Xiong, W. Zheng, Y. Wu
Authors: Decio Lopes Cardoso, Talita Bassegio Kaminski, Francine Stelle Goldoni, Guilherme Irineu Venson, Camila Daiane Cancelier

Abstract: The soil is a brittle material compared to other engineering materials such as steel, concrete and wood. The clayey nature of the soils of...

Authors: Yi Wang, Xiao Yan Ding, Hao Yang, Ji Wei Hu, Fan Jiang, Hai Long Chen

Abstract: Both single pollution index and integrated pollution index methods were employed in the present research to assess the heavy metals...

Authors: Chun Rong Zhang, Chun Jin Zhang, Zheng Long Wu, Zong Jun Gao

Abstract: To study the impact of atmospheric Cd exerts on the soil accumulated of Qingdao urban area, atmospheric dust and soil samples are collected...

Authors: Yoshiharu Morimoto, Motoharu Fujigaki, Akihiro Masaya, Hiroyuki Kondo, Tatsuya Inuzuka

Abstract: Sampling moiré method is useful to measure shape, displacement and strain distributions of multi-functional materials and structures. When a...

Authors: Dong Sheng Wang, Yu Chao, Ting Zhang

Abstract: Oxytetracycline (OTC) is one of the extensive use antibiotics in livestock. Untreated waste of livestock and poultry breeding discharged...

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