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Authors: Le Chen, Xiao Li Zhang, Yan Song

Abstract: Based on the principle of the distributed optical fiber temperature sensor, the research with temperature calibration technique for...

Authors: Xin Min Shen, Mikinori Nagano, Wen Qiang Peng, Yi Fan Dai, Kazuya Yamamura

Abstract: Local wet etching (LWE) is a non-conventional deterministic surface figuring and finishing technique in ultra-precision optics fabrication...

Authors: X. Zhou, Jun Gong, Y. Liu, J. Zhou
Authors: Zi Qi Ma, Xue Song Liu, Yi Cheng, Liang Zhang, Jian Gang Shi, Hong Yuan Fang, Shi Long Wang

Abstract: Analysis the shortage of ultrasonic stress measurement based on Lcr wave in low spatial resolution. Point out it is inapplicable in...

Authors: Sergei Stuchebrov, Dan Verigin, Yelena Lukyanenko, Maria Siniagina, Alexander Wagner

Abstract: In the work digital x-ray apparatus on the basis of the gas-discharge linear detector is considered. X-ray images of laboratory rats are...

Authors: Masaaki Futamoto, Tatsuya Hagami, Shinji Ishihara, Kazuki Soneta, Mitsuru Ohtake

Abstract: Effects of magnetic material, coating thickness, and tip radius on magnetic force microscope (MFM) spatial resolution have been...

Authors: Ryo Suzuki, Shinji Ishihara, Mitsuru Ohtake, Masaaki Futamoto

Abstract: Magnetic force microscope (MFM) tips are prepared by coating Si tips of 4 nm radius with [Co (1 nm)/M(1 nm)]20 (M =...

Authors: Ting Ting Li

Abstract: With the rapid development of DOA (direction-of-arrival) estimation methods, the existing beamforming technologies still have the...

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