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Authors: Liviu Ciupitu

Abstract: Static balancing of a mechanical system can be regarded as the total or partial cancellation of the mechanical effects (force or moment) of...

Authors: Zhi Yong Wang, Qiu Yan Sun, Du Bo Wang

Abstract: In order to understand the overall mechanical characteristics of a steel-concrete composite box girder bridge, static and dynamic tests were...

Authors: Guang Yao Zhao, Li Yang Xie, Yi Feng Zhao, Kun Yu Wang

Abstract: The three-dimensional solid modeling is built based on some Automobile gearbox Product, the dangerous working conditions of static load are...

Authors: Antonin Lokaj, Kristýna Klajmonová

Abstract: Aim of this article is in presentation of results of dynamic tests of round timber bolted connections with slotted in steel plates....

Authors: Qi Yi Zhang, Yang Cao, Ji Yong Chen, Jia Ming Feng, Xing Dong Zhang
Authors: Jan Sladek, Vladimir Sladek

Abstract: Mechanical and electric loads are considered for 2-d crack problems in conducting piezoelectric materials. The electric displacement in...

Authors: Han Chen, Peter M. Gammon, V.A. Shah, C.A. Fisher, Chun Chan, Saeed Jahdi, D.P. Hamilton, Michael R. Jennings, Maksym Myronov, David R. Leadley, Philip A. Mawby

Abstract: The cryogenic performance of two commercially available SiC power MOSFETs are presented in this work. The devices are characterised in...

Authors: Chuang Chen, R. Kaloop Mosbeh, Zong Lin Wang, Qing Fei Gao, Jun Fei Zhong

Abstract: Structural Health Monitoring is becoming an increasingly common tool to obtain the long-term performance of infrastructures and buildings....

Authors: Dian Kuan Ding, Yi Wan

Abstract: By analyzing the application of the battery, the battery voltage monitoring system, lower computer and host computer communication system,...

Authors: Ondřej Holčapek, Jiří Litoš, Jan Zatloukal

Abstract: This paper aims at determination of mechanical properties of 28 years old concrete with various nondestructive and destructive testing...

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