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Authors: Mayu Muramatsu, Yuichi Tadano, Kazuyuki Shizawa

Abstract: A new recrystallization phase-field method is proposed, in which the three stages of recrystallization phenomena, i.e., recovery,...

Authors: Mahesh C. Somani, L. Pentti Karjalainen

Abstract: In recent past, a linear regression model to predict the activation energy (Qrex) and kinetics of static recrystallisation for hot-deformed...

Authors: L. Sanz, B. Pereda, B. López

Abstract: Semi-empirical models for predicting the austenite static recrystallization behavior are widely used in designing thermomechanical...

Authors: L. Pentti Karjalainen, Mahesh C. Somani, Atef S. Hamada

Abstract: Processing of a large number of novel steel types, such as DP, TRIP, CP and TWIP, and high-strength low-carbon bainitic and martensitic...

Authors: J.M. Rodriguez-Ibabe, Beatriz López

Abstract: Thermomechanical processes based on direct charging routes combined with near net shape technologies have become one of the main industrial...

Authors: Xiang Wei Kong, Tian Zhong Sui, Zhi Yong Hu

Abstract: The effect of hot deformation behavior on austenite grain size refinement of low carbon multi-microalloyed steel was investigated. The...

Authors: Kirill Khlopkov, Georg Paul, Thomas Pretorius

Abstract: A model describing the kinetics of static recrystallization and the kinetics of Nb and Ti precipitation has been reconsidered for modern...

Authors: Manuel Gómez, S.F. Medina, Pilar Valles, Alberto Quispe

Abstract: Excellent mechanical properties (high strength and toughness) of microalloyed steels are mainly caused by induced precipitation during...

Authors: Cheng Wu Zheng, Na Min Xiao, Dian Zhong Li, Yi Yi Li

Abstract: The kinetics and microstructure evolution during static recrystallization (SRX) of hot-deformed austenite in a low carbon steel are...

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