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Authors: Wolfgang Gruber, Florian Strauß, Harald Schmidt

Abstract: Self-diffusion in thin nanocrystalline Pt films was investigated using secondary ion mass spectrometry. Our experiments are motivated by...

Authors: O. Yastrubchak, T. Wosiński, J.Z. Domagała, E. Łusakowska

Abstract: Partially relaxed III–V heterostructures: GaAs/InGaAs and InP/InAlAs/InGaAs, with a small lattice mismatch, grown using molecular beam...

Authors: B. Daudin, F. Widmann, G. Feuillet, Y. Samson, J.-L. Rouvière, N. Pelekanos
Authors: Hyo Seon Park, W.H. Lee, K.S. Yun, Hong C. Rhim

Abstract: A wide variety of residual stress measurement methods can be used to measure the axial stress in a column. One of the most widely used...

Authors: Y. Bogumilowicz, J.M. Hartmann, F. Laugier, G. Rolland, Thierry Billon

Abstract: We have focused in this paper on the impact of the growth rate and of the grading rate on the structural properties of Si0.8Ge0.2 virtual...

Authors: M. Kamruzzaman Chowdhury, B. Vissouvanadin, Mireia Bargallo Gonzalez, N. Bhouri, Peter Verheyen, H. Hikavyy, O. Richard, J. Geypen, H. Bender, Roger Loo, Cor Claeys, Eddy Simoen, V. Machkaoutsan, P. Tomasini, S.G Thomas, J.P. Lu, J.W. Weijtmans, R. Wise

Abstract: This paper presents an investigation of the impact of a Highly Doped Drain (HDD) implantation after epitaxial deposition on Si1-xGex S/D...

Authors: Sook Hyun Hwang, Yu Mi Park, Hoon Ha Jeon, Kyung Seok Noh, Jae Kyu Kim, Joon He Moon, Han Jung Song, Jae Young Leem, Min Hyon Jeon

Abstract: We have grown delta-doped In0.5Ga0.5As /In0.5Al0.5As heterostructures on GaAs substrate applying with InxAl1-xAs compositional graded-step...

Authors: G. Leo, T. Peluso, N. Lovergine, Anna Maria Mancini, L. Vasanelli, C. Giannini, L. Tapfer, F. Romanato, A.V. Drigo
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