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Authors: Xue Ping Li

Abstract: The straw bale is a kind of eco-energy saving building material. Straw bale construction is a building which it use straw bales as the wall...

Authors: Andrea Bocco Guarneri

Abstract: Werner Schmidt (Trübbach, Switzerland, 1953) is one of the most interesting contemporary 'green' architects, particularly experienced in...

Authors: Christopher J. Whitman

Abstract: According to the latest official census of 2002, earth construction represented 5.5% of the Chilean building stock. These buildings of...

Authors: Petr Konečný, Jiří Teslík, Michal Hamala

Abstract: Straw bales can be used as a relatively cheap and ecological building material for buildings. Design of straw buildings is currently based...

Authors: Ling Ling Xu, Guo Xing Zhang, Jian Zhang

Abstract: Based on field survey, we had a discuss on the grange character and problem on energy-saving of Yangling in Shanxi Province, whats more,...

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