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Authors: Camilla Colla

Abstract: The 12th C. Modena Cathedral is a masterpiece testimony of early Romanesque architecture, artand civic values of the time. Following the...

Authors: Xiang Hong Zhang, Han Yang, Hao Zhang, Chun Yang Wang

Abstract: In this study, nylon PA6 resin was filled with carbon fibers by employing the technique of mechanical alloying and utilizing the special...

Authors: J.-Ph. Verhelle, P. Descamps, Marc Poorteman, Fabrice Petit, F. Cambier, Richard Duclos
Authors: Pius Bamidele Mogaji, Tamba Jamiru, Dawood Desai, Rotimi Sadiku

Abstract: Efforts at utilizing ceramic materials with their undeniably interesting range of properties in automobile manufacture, has persisted for...

Authors: Xiao Liang Chen, Shun Hong Lin, Zuan Tian

Abstract: Due to the relatively high surface-to-volume ratio, the surface effect can be significant for micro/nano-scale materials. This paper focuses...

Authors: Y. Zhang, Nozomu Uchida, Kazuyoshi Uematsu, Tadashi Hotta, K. Nakahira, Masami Naito
Authors: Leo Kestens, D. Vanderschueren, Paul van Houtte, E. Aernoudt, J. Dilewijns, C. Standaert
Authors: Kai Zhong Xie, Le Qin Qin, Wen Gao Lv

Abstract: Based on strength and ductility, the seismic capabilities of the chords of arch ribs, web members, horizontal integrations, suspenders and...

Authors: Jin Zhang, Nan Guo Jin, Ye Tian, Xian Yu Jin

Abstract: As a porous medium, the strength of cement-based materials is significantly affected by its porosity. This paper presents a new method to...

Authors: Yi Li, Bo Sun, Wen Zhao

Abstract: An accelerating calculation of reliability analysis on strength and stiffness for frame structure was derived. The method of numerical...

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