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Authors: Xiao Ling Zhao, Masoud Motavalli

Abstract: There is a great potential in using fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) to strengthen aging metallic structures. This paper briefly describes the...

Authors: Sheng Nan Huang, Xin Zheng Lu, Lie Ping Ye

Abstract: A hysteretic model of conventional steel braces consisting of 18 parameters is proposed. This model is able to simulate the hysteretic...

Authors: Yi Ye, Shen Shan Pan, Zhe Zhang

Abstract: The method of strengthening the existing reinforced concrete suspension bridges by changing suspension system into cable – stayed-...

Authors: Daniele Ferretti, Eva Coisson, Marco Rozzi

Abstract: The present paper concentrates on the numerical modelling of masonry vaults, adopting a type of analysis first developed at the University...

Authors: E. Wen Huang, Yan Dong Wang, Bjørn Clausen, Michael L. Benson, Hahn Choo, Peter K. Liaw, Lee M. Pike
Authors: De Ying Zhang, Yun Sheng Li, Chun Lei Cui

Abstract: Some retrofitted methods are introduced, and in these retrofitted methods, a strengthening case of using the sandwich plate system (SPS) to...

Authors: Wei Wei, Kun Xia Wei, Igor V. Alexandrov, Fei Wang, Jing Hu

Abstract: The composite filament structure was produced in the Cu-5.7%Cr and Cu-12.4%Cr as-cast alloy ingots by using equal channel angular pressing...

Authors: Hua Jun Liu, Yong Qi, Bing Zhang

Abstract: Crane and part of the column section of a monolayer industrial plant has a collision caused by uneven settlement of the foundation pillar....

Authors: Hai Yan Wang, Hui Ping Ren, Zong Chang Liu

Abstract: Microstructure evolution of Fe-1.18%Cu high purity steels during solution and aging was investigated under high-resolution electron...

Authors: Hua Ping Liao, Shi Sheng Fang

Abstract: Three reinforced concrete (RC) beams strengthened by high-performance ferrocement and two control specimens without strengthened are...

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