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Authors: Li Bin Zhao, Feng Rui Liu, Jian Yu Zhang

Abstract: An three-dimensional FE model of threaded connection is proposed by means of the general purpose program ANSYS. The model is accurately...

Authors: A. Arteiro, Giuseppe Catalanotti, J. Xavier, P.P. Camanho

Abstract: A new model based on Finite Fracture Mechanics (FFMs) has been proposed to predict the open-hole tensile strength of composite laminates...

Authors: Timothy J. Harrison, Bruce R. Crawford, Graham Clark, Milan Brandt

Abstract: This paper presents a model that predicts the stress field around intergranular corrosion. The stress analysis is conducted in ABAQUS via a...

Authors: Qing Song Tu, Wei Min Zhang, Li Huang, Cheng Feng Chen, Qiu Yong

Abstract: The relations between stresses and leakage magnetic signal of concentration area of the airplane’s landing gear under varying load were...

Authors: Justin O. Karl, Andrew T. Copeland, Amy K. Besio

Abstract: The behavior of parts subjected to simultaneous thermal and mechanical fatigue loads is an area of research that carries great significance...

Authors: Zhi Xue Wu

Abstract: A gradientless method for two-dimensional shape optimization is developed based on the magnitude of local relative-stress difference along...

Authors: Md. Shafiul Ferdous, Kaito Naka, Chobin Makabe, Tatsujiro Miyazaki

Abstract: Most of the failure accidents of machine equipment are related to the fatigue crack initiation and growth. Therefore, some research was...

Authors: Keyoung Jin Chun, Ho Jung Li

Abstract: Mandibular first premolars in superlative state were scanned by a Micro-CT. Data were obtained from the scanned 2-D images, and...

Authors: Michele Buonsanti, Antonella Pontari

Abstract: A new stress function modelling the fails in biological tissue is here proposed. Under the assumption that the cell membrane may be modelled...

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