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Authors: Lu Yu Zhou, Xian Bo Li

Abstract: In order to analyze the creep properties of UHMWPE multifilament and aramid multifilament, four-element model and Matlab software were used...

Authors: Taketo Sakuma, Zhang Lian Hong, Hidehiro Yoshida, Yuichi Ikuhara, Toshiyasu Nishimura, Mamoru Mitomo
Authors: Seung Min Hyun, Walter L. Brown, Richard P. Vinci

Abstract: Thin metal films often play an important role as structural elements or reflective surfaces in MEMS applications. Mechanical properties of...

Authors: Jun Jie Xiao, Dong Sheng Li, Xiao Qiang Li, Ming Jin Xu

Abstract: In order to reduce the energy consumption and working procedure for manufacturing thin-walled titanium alloy components, a hot stretch-creep...

Authors: Mahesh C. Somani, L. Pentti Karjalainen

Abstract: In recent past, a linear regression model to predict the activation energy (Qrex) and kinetics of static recrystallisation for hot-deformed...

Authors: Ji Ho Lim, Ji Soon Kim, Kyoung Wook Paik, Y.Y. Earmme
Authors: Yannick Champion, Sophie Nowak

Abstract: Fine grained copper was studied using the stress relaxation technique and creep testing in nano-indentation, to determine the activation...

Authors: Jung Jun Park, Doo Yeol Yoo, Sung Wook Kim, Young Soo Yoon

Abstract: Since ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) is subject to large occurrence of shrinkage at early age due to its low water-to-cement ratio,...

Authors: Ying Xiong

Abstract: In this paper, fatigue test and numerical simulation are carried out for Q345 weld joint under constant amplitude loading at different...

Authors: Xiao Hong Yuan, Ying Jin Gan, Dong Sheng Chen, Yuan Jing Ye

Abstract: To understand the fundamental mechanical properties of lotus fiber could provide theoretical basis for developing lotus fiber fabric. This...

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