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Authors: In Pil Kang, Mark J. Schulz, Jong Won Lee, Gyeong Rak Choi, Joo Yung Jung, Jae Boong Choi, Sung Ho Hwang

Abstract: This study introduces a nano smart material to develop a novel sensor for Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) of mechanical and civil...

Authors: Shi Feng Huang, Jun Chang, Lei Qin, Xiao Ming Yang, Zong Jin Li, Xin Cheng

Abstract: A cement based piezoelectric composite sensor using 1-3 cement based piezoelectric composite as sensing element was fabricated. The basic...

Authors: Ekhi Zugasti, Ana Gomez Gonzalez, Javier Anduaga, Miguel Angel Arregui, Fernando Martínez

Abstract: In the present paper, we introduce an application of two damage detection methods to a laboratory structure. One of the methods is based on...

Authors: Hoon Sohn, Charles R. Farrar, Francois M. Hemez, Gyuhae Park, Amy N. Robertson, Todd O. Williams
Authors: Ling Ling Lu, Chen Guang Huang, Xi Wang

Abstract: A damage identification method based on differential gradient of normalized strain (DGNS) is presented to overcome the disadvantages of...

Authors: Yong Ming Fu, Ling Yu

Abstract: The development of a methodology for the accurate and reliable assessment of structural damages, as one crucial step in the structural...

Authors: Yan Hui Zhang, Wen Yu Yang

Abstract: This paper researches a robust damage identification system considering the effects of the environmental and operational conditions based on...

Authors: Xing Hua Chen, Piotr Omenzetter

Abstract: Because of the critical role that bridges play in land transport networks and broader economy, the assessment of existing bridges is...

Authors: Chen Ning Cai, Gang Yan

Abstract: This paper presents a genetic algorithm (GA)-based approach for localizing damage in plate-like structure. Diagnostic Lamb wave is excited...

Authors: Yan Sheng Song, Zong Guang Sun, Nai Zhi Zhao

Abstract: This paper demonstrates a new abnormal index based on frequency change for structural health monitoring (SHM) which utilizes probability and...

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