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Authors: Kazutaka Mukoyama, Koushu Hanaki, Kenji Okada, Akiyoshi Sakaida, Atsushi Sugeta, Izuru Nishikawa, Akira Ueno, Tatsuo Sakai

Abstract: The aim of this study is to develop a statistical estimation method of S-N curve for iron and structural steels by using their...

Authors: Bum Yean Cho, Heung Youl Kim, Seung Cho Yang, Seung Un Chae

Abstract: This research is to show the microstructure of fracture parts of structural steels by welding at the high temperature. Discontinuity of...

Authors: Harshad K.D.H. Bhadeshia
Authors: Can Dong Zhou, Jun Fei Fan, Hai Rong Le, Guo Chang Jiang, Jing Guo Zhang

Abstract: A structural steel, 35CrMoV steel, has been attempted firstly by explosive powder compaction followed by sintering (EPC-sintering). The...

Authors: Li Sha He, Nobusuke Hattori

Abstract: The present investigation attempts to evaluate the improvement of working by bolt on the fatigue limit of structural steel sheets with...

Authors: Gong Ting Zhang, Shu Hui Deng, Zhi Wang Zheng, Qin Chun Liu

Abstract: The mechanical properties, optical microstructure and textures of a continuously-annealed cold-rolled high strength structural steel were...

Authors: Marcela Karmazínová, Jindrich Melcher

Abstract: The paper is generally focused on yield and ultimate strengths of structural steels. The attention is mainly paid to the testing and...

Authors: Vladimir Ivancivsky, Kristina Parts, Vyacheslav Popov

Abstract: Quenching of steel 45 using high-frequency induction-heating (440000 Hz) with simultaneous shower water cooling was studied. The possibility...

Authors: Min Li Wang, Zhi Wang Zheng, Gong Ting Zhang

Abstract: The salt-bath annealing was used to study the recrystallization of structural steels as well as the effect of chemical compositions on the...

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