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Authors: Ming Yang Zhang, Jian Wei Du, Takahiro Kuba, Yong Wen

Abstract: Phosphorus is a necessary nutrient element to all lives in the world. Distribution and phosphate rock reserves in the world disclose...

Authors: Tao Zhang, Ci Fang, Ping Li, Rong Feng Jiang

Abstract: Struvite crystallization is an efficient method for phosphorus recovery from animal manure wastewater. However, large amount of organic...

Authors: Hong Rui Yang, Ya Lei Zhang, Ue Fei Zhou, Hong Guang Zhu

Abstract: Fermentation wastewater generated from livestock and poultry breeding contains high strength of ammonium-nitrogen and phosphorus, which has...

Authors: Andrea Ewald, Bernhard Lochner, Uwe Gbureck, Jürgen Groll, Reinhard Krüger

Abstract: Mg-phosphate ceramics have aroused growing interest as bone replacement materials due to their ability to degrade under physiological...

Authors: Ming Yang Zhang, Ai Min Hao, Takahiro Kuba

Abstract: Because of the shortage crisis of phosphorus element and environmental problems caused by excess discharge of phosphorus compounds into...

Authors: Hai Ming Huang, Qian Wu Song, Chun Lian Xu

Abstract: Struvite (MgNH4PO4∙6H2O) is an insoluble double salt. It can precipitate in places such as pipes, aerators and pumps, which could lead to...

Authors: Wei Hua Song, Jun Yin, Jian Hui Wang

Abstract: A lab-scale study was conducted to precipitate the ammonia from high NH3-N concentration wastewater in the form of magnesium...

Authors: Lei Wang, Fu Guo Qiu

Abstract: The urine-diverting toilet separates the urine and faeces and collects urine alone at the source. This technique can not only collect and...

Authors: S. Muryanto, A.P. Bayuseno

Abstract: Intensified agriculture in response to the growing population has led to excessive nutrient discharges to natural waters causing...

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