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Authors: Yong Xiang Zhao, Bing Yang, Ming Fei Feng

Abstract: The structures of railway vehicles are required to service in super-long life regime. Determination of the probabilistic S-N curves...

Authors: Z.X. Song, Dong Po Wang, G.A. Wei, C.H. Yang

Abstract: Fatigue test was carried out on E36 steel no reinforcement welding joint under the same constant amplitude load with ultrasound fatigue...

Authors: Yong Xiang Zhao

Abstract: For an engineering structure with an actual fatigue life over that corresponding to a so-called fatigue limit, appropriate reliability...

Authors: Ling Ling Jin, Cai Yan Deng, Dong Po Wang, Rui Ying Tian

Abstract: Fatigue property of 45 steel was studied in this paper with the method of ultrasonic fatigue testing, and SEM was used to analyze...

Authors: Q.Y. Wang, Hong Yan Zhang, S.R. Sriraman, S.L. Liu

Abstract: Magnesium alloys, on account of their lightweight, find useful applications in the automotive sector. During service, they experience very...

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