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Authors: Tai Long Gui, Si Da Jiang

Abstract: Using the radio frequency magnetron sputtering that directly bombardment A1N target under different sputtering-power and total pressure to...

Authors: Sergey Dunaevsky, Evgeny Mikhailenko

Abstract: The results of "ab-initio" calculations of spin - polarized electronic structure, total energy and the local atomic magnetic moments of some...

Authors: Yue Ke, Catherine Moisson, S. Gaan, R.M. Feenstra, Robert P. Devaty, Wolfgang J. Choyke

Abstract: The effects of initial surface morphology on the early stages of porous SiC formation under highly biased photoelectrochemical etching...

Authors: Zhi Qing Yuan, Bao Feng Song, Qi Long Liu, Hai Yun Jiang, Ji Ping Bin, Xian Wang, Ruo Mei Wu

Abstract: Inspired by the “lotus effect”, a porous superhydrophobic PS/PVC composites film comprised of many micro-spheres and nanofibers was obtained...

Authors: Jun Gang Huang, Chang You Li

Abstract: Parting surface design is the key to mold design. Taking mold design of a component as an example, this paper introduces the implementation...

Authors: Ran Huang

Abstract: Since the first paper by Keddie et al. published on 1994 [21], the glass transition of polymer systems on surface/thin film has been an...

Authors: Zhi Qing Yuan, Xi Hai Hao, Pu Shi, Yue Jun Liu, Guang Sheng Zeng

Abstract: A facile and inexpensive environmental-friendly method was developed to prepare a biomimetic superhydrophobic CuO surface with hierarchical...

Authors: A. Goodyear, A.P. Knights, N. Overton, Paul G. Coleman
Authors: Xin Wei Shi, Xing Rui Li, Ning Yao, Xin Chang Wang, Kai Lan Song, Shui Zhang

Abstract: TiN thin films were deposited by Arc Ion Plating(AIP) with or without Magnetic Filter(AIP or MFAIP) on silicon(Si) and high-speed steel(HSS)...

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