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Authors: Dinesh Setti, Benjamin Kirsch, Jan Christian Aurich

Abstract: Visualization of work surface topography through simulations is very challenging task in grinding process due to the complexity of...

Authors: Ning Ning Zhang, Chen Jiang, Zhen Zhong Wang, Yin Biao Guo

Abstract: Wedge/aspheric lens element is a combination of wedge prism and aspheric lens as a single piece component forming a decentred lens, which...

Authors: Ondřej Bílek, Jitka Baďurová, Jiří Čop

Abstract: In this study, the surface grinding was performed at different feed rates and depth of cuts. Grindability of engineering thermoplastics and...

Authors: Qiu Lin Niu, Guo Giang Guo, Xiao Jiang Cai, Zhi Qiang Liu, Ming Chen

Abstract: As two kinds of advanced titanium alloys, TC18 and TA19 were introduced in this paper. The machinabilities of TC18 and TA19 alloys were...

Authors: K. Babu

Abstract: In striving to remain competitive in the global market, the concept of optimization of manufacturing processes has been extensively employed...

Authors: Yong Chen, Guo Qin Huang

Abstract: Vibration during high-speed surface grinding process is one of important factors to influence surface precision of machined workpieces and...

Authors: Shinya Tsukamoto, N. Nishikawa, Katsutomo Okamoto, Kazuhito Ohashi
Authors: Yan Ling Tian, Da Wei Zhang, H.W. Chen

Abstract: In order to realize dynamic control during surface grinding, a 3-DOF (degree of freedom) micropositioning table driven by three...

Authors: Cong Mao, H.F. Zou, Z.X. Zhou

Abstract: The grinding forces and grinding temperature were measured by using a 3-axis piezoelectric dynamometer and a thermocouple, respectively. The...

Authors: Qing Long An, Yu Can Fu, Jiu Hua Xu

Abstract: Grinding, characterized by its high specific energy consumption, may generate high grinding zone temperature. These can cause thermal damage...

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