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Authors: V Kuzin

Abstract: The results of the study of the influence of the grinding regimes and the characteristics of the diamond tool on the strength and the...

Authors: Ute Ploska, Georg Berger, Manfred Willfahrt
Authors: Jun Jie Wu, Lian Duan, Sha Zhang

Abstract: The micrometeorological characteristics have been analyzed based on data of the Kangding airport during Mar., May.-Jul., Sep., 2010. Due to...

Authors: Valeriy Yu. Blumenstein, Fyodor I. Panteleenko, Igor V. Miroshin, Oleg A. Ostanin

Abstract: Methods and experimental findings shown describe how mechanical parameters of the surface layer behavior and acoustic emission signals are...

Authors: Jun Jie Wu, Lian Duan, Yi Fang Huang, Sha Zhang

Abstract: The wind field have been analyzed based on data of auto-meteorological station on the Kangding airport during Mar., May.-Jul., Sep., 2010....

Authors: Pavel N. Belkin, Sergei A. Kusmanov, Alexander Naumov, Yulia Parkaeva

Abstract: Alternating surface oxide and hardened layers were fabricated by means of anodic plasma nitrocarburizing of low-carbon steel in aqueous...

Authors: Agnieszka Kułakowska, Marcin Kulakowski, Łukasz Bohdal, Radoslaw Patyk

Abstract: The aim of this article is to demonstrate the possibility of using burnishing rolling process as the technology of product development. The...

Authors: B.J.M. Leite Ferreira, M.G.G.M. Duarte, M. Helena Gil, Rui N. Correia, J. Román, Maria Vallet-Regí

Abstract: Two materials with potential application in bone tissue repair have been developed: 1) a non-biodegradable composite based in a new...

Authors: Viktor Sergeev, Mark P. Kalashnikov, Vasilii V. Neufeld

Abstract: Results of surface modification of the VT-23 titanium alloy by high flux of copper ions with an energy of 2 keV and ion current density of...

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