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  | Authors: Alžbeta Križánková
Chapter 5: Sustainable, Energy-Saving and Ecological Aspects in Architecture
Abstract:The year 1973 was a breakthrough year in the development of architecture. It triggered a crisis in society as well as the end of a period of...
Authors: Lin Zhang, Hu Peng, Liao Liao Xi, Lin Cheng
Chapter 9: Ecological Architecture
Abstract:Nowadays, with the deteriorating environment, people are increasingly concerned about the ecological environment and sustainable development....
Authors: Mátyás Fehér, Gergely Dobszay
Chapter 8: Fire Protection, Risk Analysis
Abstract:The preservation and revitalization of the large number of old buildings in our cities is an important task of sustainable architecture. New...
Authors: Lokman Hakim Ismail, Magda Sibley, Izudinshah Abdul Wahab, Ahmed A. Elgadi
Abstract:There is an increasing demand for high quality office buildings nowadays. Occupants and developers of office buildings need to work together...
Authors: Yakubu Aminu Dodo, Mohd Hamdan Ahmad, Mansir Dodo, Faizah Mohammed Bashir, Suleiman Aliyu Shika
Chapter 2: Green Building Materials and Constructional Structures
Abstract:This study presents the lessons from the vernaculars Architecture of sukur kingdom with a focus on the use of building materials as a...
Authors: Faten Fares Fouad, Mohamed Abdelall Ibrahim
Chapter 12: Architectural Design and Its Theory
Abstract:Nanotechnology is one of the most important key technologies of the twenty-first century while its economic impact is another subject to be...
Authors: Nasim Gholami Rostam, Asma Hojjati, Mohammadjavad Mahdavinejad, Mina Mirlohi
Chapter 2: Green Building Materials and Constructional Structures
Abstract:Endogenous materials open a learning window toward contemporary architects to use ancient wisdom to develop a more sustainable architecture....
  | Authors: Gabriele Di Quarto, Antonino Labate, Maurizio Malaspina
III. Metropolitan City: Issues and Challenges
Abstract:The Open Source Architecture (OSArc) is a new collaborative way to design common and shared areas at an architectural level, but also at an...
Authors: Mohammadjavad Mahdavinejad, Sima Rezaei Ashtiani, Mahin Ebrahimi, Mostafa Shamshirband
Chapter 16: Miscellaneous Topics
Abstract:In the following paper, sustainability has been considered in the multifunctional spaces, according to the point that flexibility and...
  | Authors: Alessia Bianco, Vittorio Ceradini, Alessandra Suraci, Antonio Di Paola
II. The Integrated Approach of Sustainable Urban Development
Abstract:The paper regards a research, aimed to purpose an architectonic project to realize a self-construction village in a farming town, Rosarno,...
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