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Authors: Peng Gao, Zhao Sheng Yang

Abstract: The cooperation of urban traffic control system and urban traffic flow guidance system may perform an important role in alleviating traffic...

Authors: Igor Iatsunskyi

Abstract: The dislocation self-organization processes in near-surface silicon layers of Si-SiO2 during high temperature oxidization have...

Authors: Jun Yang, Yan Hong Jiu, Shi Yan

Abstract: Senior title intellectuals not only shoulder the important task to train high-level persons, but also are the disseminator of modern...

Authors: Peng Shao, Yu Qi Wu, D.B. Yang, G.X. Ren, Z.Y. Fan

Abstract: Catastrophic failure of rock mass is a kind of serious geological hazard which usually happens during deep mining excavation and underground...

Authors: Guang Fu Liu, Shi Bin Zhang, Lei Zhang

Abstract: With the guidance of sustainable development strategy, countries around the world poured to carry out the conception of circular economy...

Authors: Fei Chen, Song Ling Chen, Ying Ying Cheng

Abstract: In order to evaluate the level of roads safety, this paper proposes a model of traffic accidents which is derived from theories of...

Authors: Andrey Shanyavskiy

Abstract: This research concerns the metals behavior as varying, with increasing cyclic stress level, in the transition range between the ultrahigh...

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