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Authors: Holm Kirmse, Wolfgang Neumann, Slawomir Kret, Elzbieta Janik, Wojciech Zaleszczyk, Grzegorz Karczewski, Tomasz Wojtowicz

Abstract: (Zn,Mn)Te nanowires were grown via vapor-liquid-solid mode as test structures for spintronic applications. The structural and chemical...

Authors: Li Ping Chen

Abstract: The hydrophobic gold nanoparticles with monodispersity are synthesized by using n-butanol reduction in situ under the condition of alkali...

Authors: Li Mei Cha, Helmut Clemens, Gerhard Dehm, Zao Li Zhang

Abstract: In-situ heating transmission electron microscopy (TEM) was employed to investigate the initial stage of lamellae formation in a high Nb...

Authors: Qian Liu, Jun Qing Hu

Abstract: Cd2Ge2O6 nanowires have been synthesized via a simple and facile hydrothermal route using GeO2...

Authors: Eri Morita, Akifumi Ono, Shigehito Isobe, Yong Ming Wang, Naoyuki Hashimoto, Somei Ohnuki

Abstract: We carried out in-situ observation on the catalytic effect of Nb2O5 in MgH2 by using a high voltage transmission electron microscope (HVEM)....

Authors: Władysław Osuch, Adam Kruk, Grzegorz Michta, Aleksandra Czyrska-Filemonowicz

Abstract: The electron tomography and transmission electron microscopy studies of the carbides in the 0.5Cr-0.5Mo-0.25V (13HMF) low-alloy steel after...

Authors: Robert S. Okojie, Ming Xhang, P. Pirouz, Sergey P. Tumakha, Gregg Jessen, Leonard J. Brillson
Authors: Teddy Robert, Sandrine Juillaguet, Maya Marinova, Thierry Chassagne, Ioannis Tsiaousis, N. Frangis, Efstathios K. Polychroniadis, Jean Camassel

Abstract: The electronic structure of in-grown 8H stacking faults in 4H-SiC matrix has been investigated in detail. After assessment of the structural...

Authors: Le Zhou, Anit Giri, Kyu Cho, Yong Ho Sohn

Abstract: The ferromagnetic shape memory and magnetocaloric properties of NiMnGa alloys are closely related to the martensitic transformation from...

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