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Authors: António Santos Silva, M. Paiva, J. Ricardo, Manuela M. Salta, A.M. Monteiro, António Estevao Candeias

Abstract: Roman mortars from the industrial archaeological site of Tróia (Portugal) have been studied by means of chemical, mineralogical and...

Authors: Arvyvie Abie Jamil, I. Rubia, Jahimin A. Asik, Brian Brandon Bernard, Bryan Gindana, Florinna Tan

Abstract: Cu nanoparticles on Al2O3 catalyst were prepared via impregnation method and two different activation conditions were...

Authors: Kiyotaka Tanaka, Kenichi Kakimoto, Hitoshi Ohsato

Abstract: The development of lead-free piezoelectric materials has been required from the viewpoint of environmental preservation. We focused the...

Authors: Xanthippi Chatzistavrou, Nikolaos Kantiranis, Lambrini Papadopoulou, Eleana Kontonasaki, Aldo Roberto Boccaccini, Petros Koidis, Konstantinos M. Paraskevopoulos

Abstract: In this study new ternary bioactive mixtures were investigated, which are appropriate for applications as coatings on the surface of dental...

Authors: Agnese Brangule, Kārlis Gross, Laura Komarovska, Arturs Viksna

Abstract: nclusion of zinc in apatites is not completely understood due to complexes in solution preventing the incorporation or the inclusion of...

Authors: So Jin Kim, Won Kyu Han, Sung Goon Kang, Min Su Han, Young Hun Cheong

Abstract: Lanthanum hydroxide and oxide were prepared by the precipitation method in an aqueous medium at room temperature. The precipitate was...

Authors: Xanthippi Chatzistavrou, E. Hatzistavrou, Nikolaos Kantiranis, Lambrini Papadopoulou, Eleana Kontonasaki, K. Chrissafis, Petros Koidis, Konstantinos M. Paraskevopoulos, Aldo Roberto Boccaccini

Abstract: The aim of this study was the fabrication using a sol-gel technique of a new glass-ceramic with potential use in dental applications. The...

Authors: Dun Jia Wang, Yan Fang Kang, Ben Po Xu

Abstract: The polyoxometalate complexes of ciprofloxacin with HnXW12O40 (X=B, Si, P) were prepared from ciprofloxacin...

Authors: Fan Ming Zeng, Chun Li, Hai Lin, Xiao Dong Yang, Dan Wang, Jing He Liu

Abstract: Nd:YAG nanopowder was prepared by urea co-precipitation method. XRD, TG-DTA, SEM and spectra analysis were utilized to study the properties...

Authors: Hajime Okumura, Shigeharu Kamado, T. Tabata, A. Matsui, Yo Kojima
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