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Authors: Meng Yao, Bao Ling Han, Qing Sheng Luo, Ting Qiang Lv, Jia Xu
Abstract: A new method of teaching method has been proposed for the palletizing robot. The principle of the method has been elaborated and a new algorithm about this method has been proposed. The servo control system is used to carry out this method. The practicability and conciseness of this method has also been analyzed through the simulation with soft Admas and real experiments. The results of simulation and real experiments prove that this novel method is feasible and can meet the practically industrial demands.
Authors: Huan Yun Wang, Li Jing Diao
Abstract: In the twenty-first Century, with the rapidly development of social economy, the society needs a large number of highly skilled talents, and higher vocational education must meet needs of the evolving society based on its peculiar talent training mode. This article discusses the talent training mode in terms of the professional structure adjustment in higher vocational colleges, the reform of teaching plan and content, practical teaching system construction, teacher training, school-enterprise cooperation, and put forward our own viewpoints.
Authors: Yi Chen, Yue Peng
Abstract: Polymer material science is a discipline full of vitality which has developed rapidly and improved people's lives greatly. As the basis of material research development, analysis is an important skill that students major in polymer material science must master. The academic development and progress in analytical techniques have put forward higher request to student's theory and practice ability, as well as brought in greater challenges to the course teaching of polymer material analysis. The original PPT courseware teaching demo has several shortcomings, such as ignorance about students' individual differences, imperfect network construction of students' knowledge, and insufficient attention on cultivating students' ability to solve practical problems. However, it will provide a new platform for the theory and practice teaching of this course by introducing the multimedia technology with intergrable ware notion into it. This paper has analyzed the feasibility of using multimedia technology with intergrable ware notion in course teaching and the critical points, technology and application in terms of the intergrable platform construction. In addition, this paper has also done the evaluation on effect of this teaching mode through the comparative experiments among different classes using different teaching methods.
Authors: San Ao Xia
Abstract: Good cartoon producing functions of Flash plays an important role in mutli-media teaching system. FLASH can be used to show some abstract concepts and phenomena. It is not difficult for teachers to use Flash. It is discussed in this paper to how to use Flash cartoon function in teaching. It is also dicussed Flash designing roles, designing thoughts as well as designing procedures.
Authors: Yang Yang, Chun Li Li, Fan Hua
Abstract: The principal objective of Oral English teaching in college is to foster students’ ability of the oral expression and social intercourse. Therefore, the improvement of oral English teaching has been an essential part of college English teaching. College English teachers should put emphasis on oral training and promoting vocabulary accumulation. A Student-centered teaching structure can stimulate expressionism of the youth students and then make oral teaching diversity. This article makes an analysis on college crisis of oral English teaching and put forward five countermeasures for improvement of oral English teaching in college. At the present, the chief problem of English teaching in China lies in mute English which trained people with good scores but low qualities. Students start learning English mostly from their middle or even primary school until they enter into college. However, even more than ten years of study turned people failed to smoothly express in English. The reason is that teachers excessively focus on skills for examination and language itself, and take no account of the training of oral ability. In view of the penetrating knowledge on language intercommunication home and abroad, oral English training has becoming a crucial and constituent part of English teaching in college.
Authors: Yan Hong Li
Abstract: Digital Electronic Technology is a very important professional foundation course in higher vocational college, especially those majors in mechanical or electrical engineer. How to arouse students' enthusiasm and initiative in every possible way, and make them pleased to acquire knowledge, it is the major research topic. So the key to success in teaching is the cultivation and simulation of learning motivation.
Authors: Chun Ru Xiong, Fu Zhen Xie
Abstract: Principles and applications of electricity are involved in an important professional foundation courses. MCU development capabilities, including hardware design and software programming skills are basic capacity. This paper introduces an application of Proteus simulation on SCM teaching. Proteus breaks the space limitations of traditional training room with time and space constraints. The use of spare time, as long as there is a computer in a place, it can be single-chip hardware design and software programming exercises for students to improve SCM integrated development capability, practical spirit, the spirit of innovation culture to build a convenient and flexible platform.
Authors: Yu Long Wang
Abstract: CAI is a product of the era development and the problems in the process of its advancement which exist in the understanding and the resource reserve are inevitable. For these phenomena, not only the auxiliary and order principle are supposed to be established in the process of applying the computer technology in teaching, but also the CAI's application value ought to be reexamined. The specific training to teachers of different subjects needs to be strengthened and the construction of CAI network database should be consummated in time.
Authors: Xiao Zhi He
Abstract: With the rapid development of the internet towards broadbanding, fastspeeding and multimedia orienting, modern teaching methods or means based on network will be put into massive application. How to construct an overall systematic orienteering net courseware becomes the key to orienteering teaching. The network courseware differs from original multimedia teaching software in using environments, teaching functions and teaching effects. Therefore, from the characteristics of integrableware and its effect on orienteering teaching reform, this study proposes the integrating of orienteering teaching resource bank and multimedia making platform based on the integrableware idea, so as to achieve the aim of a new model and a new designing idea for orienteering courseware, i.e. to combine the basic teaching courseware, pictures and animation, microvideo units and document materials into an integrated organism to provide courseware for Orienteering teaching.
Authors: Liu Jie Yang
Abstract: For the sake of change our country the irregularity of the common high school athletics professional traditional teaching mode, improve a teaching target in the teaching, well embody the student's corpus position, relocate relation of teacher and pupil, build up the team study mode, development aware of self study, ego control, ego management of behavior habit, this text to study type organization theory the usage carried on a viability assessment at the teaching process and put forward to is the speculation of study of study type organization the study change of classroom.
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