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Authors: Yves Chemisky, Rachid Echchorfi, Fodil Meraghni, Nadine Bourgeois, Boris Piotrowski

Abstract: In this work, a method for the identification of the transformation surface of Shape Memory Alloys based on full field measurements is...

Authors: Reza Jafari Nedoushan, Mahmoud Farzin

Abstract: One of the Remarkable Differences between Mechanical Behavior of Nano-Crystalline and Coarse-Grained Materials Is Tension Compression...

Authors: Dirk Steglich, Stéphane Graff, Wolfgang Brocks

Abstract: A crystal plasticity model has been used to simulate channel die experiments on both, pure magnesium single crystals and polycrystalline...

Authors: Jonghun Yoon, Oana Cazacu, Jung Hwan Lee

Abstract: In spite of this progress in predicting ductile failure, the development of macroscopic yield criteria for describing damage evolution in...

Authors: Takayuki Koizumi, Mitsutoshi Kuroda

Abstract: In this study, the Bauschinger effect in ultrafine-grained pure aluminum rods (A1070) was investigated. The samples were produced by...

Authors: En Ze Chen, Laurent Duchêne, Anne Marie Habraken, Bert Verlinden

Abstract: In our recent work, a new integrated model was proposed to describe the back-stress evolution based on the dislocation substructure and...

Authors: Li Li Chang, Li Peng Chi

Abstract: The influence of initial texture and strain rate on the mechanical behavior, especially anisotropy and tension-compression asymmetry (TCA)...

Authors: Y.S. Choi, T.A. Parthasarathy, D.M. Dimiduk, M.D. Uchic

Abstract: The [001] tensile and compressive flow behavior of a single crystal superalloy CMSX-4 was simulated using a “unit-cell” mesh to represent...

Authors: Bert Verlinden, En Ze Chen, Laurent Duchêne, Anne Marie Habraken

Abstract: In most papers dealing with tension and/or compression tests, the conventional yield stress is determined either by an offset method...

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