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Authors: Iwao Katayama, Toshihiro Tanaka, Shin-ichi Akai, Kisao Yamazaki, Takamichi Iida

Abstract: Activity of tin in liquid Sn-Ag-Bi alloys was derived by EMF measurement of galvanic cell with fused salts electrolyte in the temperature...

Authors: Yuan Shi Li, Yan Niu, F. Gesmundo
Authors: Tohru Takahashi, Na Liu, Yusuke Yazawa, Takuya Nunome

Abstract: Compression and compressive creep behavior was studied on Al-Ti-V ternary alloys containing gamma+beta dual phase microstructures; the gamma...

Authors: Yoshinori Murata, Shingo Sakurai, Efendi Mabruri, Toshiyuki Koyama, Masahiko Morinaga

Abstract: It is known that two main interdiffusion coefficients, ık Dii and ık Djj , as well as two cross interdiffusion coefficients, ık Dij and...

Authors: Marek Danielewski, Renata Bachorczyk Nagy, A. Milewska, Y. Ugaste
Authors: Z.G. Zhang, Yan Niu

Abstract: The effect of the addition of 5 and 10 at.% Cr on the oxidation of a binary Fe-10 at.% Al alloy (Fe-10Al) was studied in 1 atm O2 at 1000°C....

Authors: U. Hecht, Victor T. Witusiewicz, A. Drevermann, B. Böttger, S. Rex

Abstract: Coupled, regular eutectic growth of α(Al) and Al2Cu from ternary Al-Cu-Ag liquid alloys is investigated with focus on the formation and the...

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