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Authors: Soo Woong Lee, Nam Jin Song, Jinwook Burm, Chul An
Authors: Dan Li

Abstract: Well-dispersed and hydrophilic copper nanoparticles have been synthesized from an organometallic precursor in an organic (or oil) phase....

Authors: Wei Ting Jiang

Abstract: Nanoparticles in nanofluids are in the form of nanoparticle clusters caused by aggregation. In order to calculate the thermal and electric...

Authors: Ya Fen Han, Xin Lin Xia, Hai Dong Liu

Abstract: A Modified Monte-Carlo Method (MMCM) in which phonon bundles take non-energy is developed to model the steady state phonon radiative...

Authors: Hai Bo Wang, Zi Zeng Lin, Zhong Yi He

Abstract: Series of experimental tests on the forming technique, sintering technique, performance and effectiveness of a new fired brick by mixing...

Authors: Roland Rupp, Fanny Björk, Gerald Deboy, Matthias Holz, Michael Treu, Jochen Hilsenbeck, Ralf Otremba, Hannes Zeichen

Abstract: With the help of an improved die attach the Rth,jc of SiC Schottky diodes can be reduced by 40-50% at a given chip size. This enables a...

Authors: Sheng Qiang, Chao Wu, Nan Nan Zhang, Zhi Qiang Xie

Abstract: The real thermal parameters always have inevitable influence on the simulation results of the structure thermal field and stress field in...

Authors: Xiang Yu Li, Xiao Long Zhao, Xiang Yong Guo, Li Qiang Cao

Abstract: A new theoretical equation that represents the thermal conductivity of two-phase composite has been proposed. The Cheng-Vachon equation has...

Authors: Long Gang Wan, Zhi Gang Huang, Shao Rong Song, Jia Ping Wang, Jie Li

Abstract: Based on SiC aggregate, SiC powder and ultra-fine SiC powder as the main starting materials and B4C as additive, the...

Authors: Zi Sheng Wang, Hao Chi Tu, Jin Xiu Gao, Guo Dong Qian, Xian Ping Fan, Zhi Yu Wang

Abstract: Aerogel is regarded as one kind of super thermal insulation materials which could be large-scalely used as building materials. However, the...

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