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Authors: Woo Sung Choi, Eric Fleury, Gee Wook Song, Jung Seob Hyun

Abstract: An important characteristic of a steam power plant is its ability to maintain reliability and safety of the plant against frequent...

Authors: Shuai Lu, Hong Wei Li, Dun Bo Yu, Ming Pang, Bo Wang

Abstract: In single roll rapid quenching molding, especially for the preparation of amorphous ribbons and rare earth permanent magnetic materials, the...

Authors: Michael Katcher, Dwaine L. Klarstrom

Abstract: HAYNES® 230® and 617 alloys are competing for use on Generation IV, high temperature gas cooled reactor components because of good high...

Authors: Xiu Hai Zhang, Can Wei Lai, Man Feng Xian, Guang Cai Su

Abstract: The thermal fatigue behaviors of traditional Al-Si-Mg casting alloy and optimized Al-Si-Mg casting alloys at different thermal fatigue...

Authors: Yong Seok Kim, Dong Keun Lee, Jeong Min Lee, Hyun Woo Song, Sung Hyuk Kim, Jae Mean Koo, Chang Sung Seok, Myoung Rae Cho

Abstract: Thermal barrier coating. Thermal fatigue. Exposure time. Thermal fatigue test is one of the most widely used method to evaluate the...

Authors: Shu Hung Yeh, Liu Ho Chiu, Shou Chi Lin, Yeong Tsuen Pan

Abstract: A hard-coating on hot work tool steel can be used to obtain higher corrosion resistance, as well as better wear resistance. This study...

Authors: R.R. Keller, N. Barbosa, R.H. Geiss, D.T. Read

Abstract: A novel approach for measuring thermal fatigue lifetime and ultimate strength of patterned thin films on substrates is presented. The...

Authors: Kuk Tae Youn, Young Mok Rhyim, Jong Hoon Lee, Chan Gyu Lee, Yun Chul Jung

Abstract: It is well known that the main failure mechanisms in die-casting mould are heat checking due to thermal fatigue and melt-out caused by...

Authors: Kuk Tae Youn, Young Mok Rhyim, Jong Hoon Lee, Young Sang Na, Wee Do Yoo, Chan Gyu Lee

Abstract: For hot die steel, failure is mostly caused by heat checking and melt-out on its surfaces which are in contact with molten metals. In the...

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