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Authors: Hou Kui Fu, De Bo Lu, Zi Guo Li

Abstract: In-situ observation of stress in Al interconnects under electromigration and thermal effect by using the synchrotron radiation x-ray...

Authors: Bang Hung Tsao, Jacob Lawson, James D. Scofield, Clinton Laing, Jeffery Brown

Abstract: Three dimensional models of both single-chip and multiple-chip power sub-modules were generated using ANSYS in order to simulate the...

Authors: Feng Xu, Bo Wang, Hai Long Zhang

Abstract: According to the definition about the positive and negative gradient temperature distribution of structural cross section in the Chinese...

Authors: Min Wu, Joe Dong, Andy Zhao, Wai Ching Tang, Willy Sher, Guang Wei Chen, Shuo Chen, Zhi Dan Qin, Yan Zhou, Yin Wang

Abstract: Construction workers are vulnerable to heat stress, and a number of heat-related injuries and deaths have been reported. This study thus...

Authors: Mikio Oda, Binti Ibrahim Anis Farhana, Y. Nakamura

Abstract: A laminated beam containing an initial delamination subjected to thermal gradient is analyzed on the basis of classical beam theory. The...

Authors: Zhi Li, Min You, Xiao Ling Zheng, Mei Rong Zhao, Jia Ling Yan

Abstract: The 3-D elasto-plastic finite element method (FEM) was used to analyze the thermal stress in the laminated composite (SiC/6061Al) under the...

Authors: M.A. Ali, S.T. Hasan, D.P. Myriounis

Abstract: An empirical solution for the thermal shock stresses in cylindrical shell presented when cylinder is subjected to heating or re-heating case...

Authors: Xiao Yu Yang, Wei Zhou

Abstract: To perform the temperature compensation, a bimetallic thin film with different thermal expansion coefficients is deposited on the surface of...

Authors: Ye Hu Lu, Xiao Hui Li, Jun Li, Dai Wei Wu

Abstract: Various intensity heat fluxes firefighters encountered will produce thermal stress on skin, resulting in thermal pain and tissue damage. In...

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