Thermionic Energy Converter

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Authors: Hong Tao Huang, Yong Feng Wei, Jian Ping Zheng, Cheng Wen Tan
Chapter 5: High Temperature Structural Materials
Abstract:Thermionic energy conversion is a process by which thermal energy is transformed into electrical energy directly without the intermediate...
Authors: Wei Jun Wang, Bo Chen, Jian Ping Zheng, Hua Zhen Lei, Li Jun Qi, Jun Zhao
Chapter 1: Materials and Technology for Energy Sources and for Energy Storage
Abstract:It has long been recognized that a need for practical methods for maintaining optimum cesium pressure within a thermionic energy converter...
Authors: Nashun, Shinya Kawata, Kentaro Iwami, Norihiro Umeda
Chapter 3: Functional Materials
Abstract:The material properties of electroplated NiW alloys with potential for use as emitters in thermionic energy converters were investigated. NiW...
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