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Authors: Lin Zhang, Chen Shu Li, Hiroshi Yamada, Chao Nan Xu

Abstract: We have demonstrated a novel blue-violet emitting mechanoluminscent(ML) material with calcium aluminosilicate(CaAl2Si2O8:Eu2+). The ML was...

Authors: A. Halperin
Authors: Xiao Ning Wang, Jing Ning, Xiao Wei Fan, Chen Zhang, Xiao Sheng Huang, Ying Huang

Abstract: Briefly introduces the detection principle, characteristic and method of thermoluminescence dosimetry, and designs a set of data acquisition...

Authors: C. Sallé, P. Grosseau, B. Guilhot, P. Iacconi, M. Benabdesselam, Gilbert Fantozzi
Authors: B.P. Chandra, V.K. Chandra, Piyush Jha

Abstract: Elastico-mechanoluminescence (EML) is a type of luminescence induced by elastic deformation of solids. The present paper reports the...

Authors: J.F. de Lima, G.O. Martins, Z.S. Macêdo, Mário Ernesto G. Valerio
Authors: C.M. Sunta, W.E.F. Feria Ayta, S. Watanabe
Authors: Ya Li, Yin Hai Wang, Yi Xiong, Tie Qiu Peng, Mao Song Mo

Abstract: (Eu, Dy) doped Sr3Al2O6 phosphors with high brightness and long afterglow were achieved by a high-temperature solid state reaction....

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