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Authors: Hiroshi Nemoto, Shigeyuki Date, Shinchiro Hashimoto

Abstract: Long-distance pumping of concrete (up to 2000 m, with relay pumps installed at two locations) was carried out for placing invert concrete at...

Authors: Yasuhiro Uetani, H. Takagi, Tomokazu Yamashita, Kenji Matsuda, Susumu Ikeno
Authors: Hui Chen, Jian Ming Yang, Jia Wei Zheng

Abstract: This article mainly aims at to research the affect of thixotropy on the development of the formwork lateral pressure, the ultimate goal is...

Authors: Kenji Miwa, Rudi S. Rachmat, Takuya Tamura

Abstract: We have developed new type semi-solid injection process, that is, runner-less injection process. In order to investigate the effects of...

Authors: Cong Li, Qi Cheng Liu, An Ming Chen, Jun Feng, Tao Feng

Abstract: This paper aims at solving the poor rheology of clay-water- acid-resistant overglaze slip. Natronite, tripolyphosphate sodium and composite...

Authors: Li Ping Guo, Lei Wang, Yi Min Zhang

Abstract: Thixotropy, which is an important rheological behavior of waxy crudes, is very important to the hydraulic characteristics and safety of the...

Authors: Peng Shao, Dong Quan Wang, Chun Rong Liu, Yu Xiao Zhu

Abstract: Explosive lining is a new method to construct underground space in soil. By making the most of compressibility of soil and thixotropy of...

Authors: S.H. Jazayeri, A. Salem, Giorgio Timellini, E. Rastelli
Authors: Wei Wei Shan, Ju Fu Jiang, Shou Jing Luo

Abstract: Thixotropy is the most important characteristic of semi-solid materials, and it is decided by the variation of microstructure during action...

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