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Authors: Matthieu Florentin, Mihaela Alexandru, Aurore Constant, Bernd Schmidt, Philippe Godignon

Abstract: This work presents the 10 MeV protons irradiation effects on 4H-SiC MOSFETs at different fluences. MOSFETs main electrical parameters, such...

Authors: Shinsuke Harada, Y. Kobayashi, A. Kinoshita, N. Ohse, Takahito Kojima, M. Iwaya, Hiromu Shiomi, Hidenori Kitai, Shinya Kyogoku, Keiko Ariyoshi, Yasuhiko Onishi, Hiroshi Kimura

Abstract: A critical issue with the SiC UMOSFET is the need to develop a shielding structure for the gate oxide at the trench bottom without any...

Authors: J. Kaido, Tsunenobu Kimoto, Jun Suda, Hiroyuki Matsunami
Authors: Akio Takatsuka, Yasunori Tanaka, Koji Yano, Tsutomu Yatsuo, Kazuo Arai

Abstract: In this work, we succeeded in developing high performance normally-off SiC buried gate static induction transistors (SiC-BGSITs). To achieve...

Authors: Jian Liu, Li Li, X.H. Zhang

Abstract: A physics-based threshold voltage model is proposed, according to the electrostatics distribution in Si body of FinFET which is obtained by...

Authors: Kevin M. Speer, Philip G. Neudeck, Mehran Mehregany

Abstract: The SiC vacuum field-effect transistor (VacFET) was first reported in 2010 as a diagnostic tool for characterizing the fundamental...

Authors: Xiao Feng Zhuang, Qing Kai Zeng, Bing Ren, Zhen Hua Wang, Yue Lu Zhang, Li Ya Shen, Mei Bi, Jian Huang, Ke Tang, Ling Yun Shi, Yi Ben Xia, Lin Jun Wang

Abstract: In this paper, the threshold voltage of diamond film-based metal-semiconductor field effect transistors (MESFETs) has been simulated using...

Authors: R. Ramakrishna Rao, S. Balaji, Kevin Matocha, Vinayak Tilak

Abstract: In 4H silicon carbide MOSFETs, threshold voltage varies with temperature. It is believed that this is caused by trapping of inversion...

Authors: Can Zhu, Rong Bin Hu

Abstract: For the first time, the capacitive non-linearity is considered and calibrated. Based on the traditional bootstrapped switch, a cell is added...

Authors: Fauziyah Salehuddin, Anis Suhaila Mohd Zain, Niza Mohd Idris, Ahmad Kamal Mat Yamin, Afifah Maheran Abdul Hamid, Ibrahim Ahmad, P. Susthitha Menon

Abstract: In this research, orthogonal array of L27 in Taguchi Method was used to optimize the process parameters (control factors) variation in 45nm...

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