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Authors: Eleni Mangiorou

Abstract: Τhe incidence of and mortality from cancer have been increasing steadily for the past 50 years. Most cancers are not localized when first...

Authors: Sam Yang, Scott Furman, Andrew Tulloh

Abstract: A mathematical model has been developed for predicting material compositional microstructures using measured data as constraints. Examples...

Authors: J. Kedit

Abstract: This paper is a study of cross-sectional imaging of a specimen with gamma transmission tomography system. The aim of this paper is to create...

Authors: Salehuddin Ibrahim, Nurfaizah Md Ruhi, Mohd Amri Md Yunus, Belal Ghanem, Mahdi Faramarzi

Abstract: This paper presents an investigation on the use of tomography system using using optical and electrodynamic sensors. The system obtains data...

Authors: Fabrizio Fiori, Emmanuelle Girardin, Alessandra Giuliani, Adrian Manescu, Serena Mazzoni, Franco Rustichelli, Evzen Amler

Abstract: The rapid development of new materials and their application in an extremely wide variety of research and technological fields has lead to...

Authors: Michael Nöthe, Matthias Schulze, Rainer Grupp, Bernd Kieback, A. Haibel, John Banhart

Abstract: The decrease of the distance between particle centers due to the growth of the sinter necks can be explained by the well known two-particle...

Authors: Han Seo Ko, Yong Jae Kim, Oh Chae Kwon, Koji Okamoto

Abstract: Velocity and density distributions of a high-speed and initial CO2 jet flow have been analyzed simultaneously by a developed...

Authors: Yan Cheng, Paul Hagan, Rudrajit Mitra

Abstract: This paper discusses the development of acoustic emission tomography to identify structural discontinuities in concrete. An algorithm was...

Authors: Jakub Jaroszewicz, Hubert Matysiak, Jakub Michalski, Kamil Matuszewski, Krzysztof Kubiak, Krzysztof Jan Kurzydlowski

Abstract: X-ray micro-computed tomography system has been used for visualization in two- (2-D) and three dimensions (3-D) of the dendrite structure...

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