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Authors: Ming Liu, Philip Datseris, He Helen Huang

Abstract: In this paper, we designed a prototype of powered above-knee prosthesis. Compared with other prototypes available in the literature, our...

Authors: H.N. Wang, X.W. Hou, X.P. Su

Abstract: Based on multi-body Dynamics theory, the 1/4 multi-rigid model of double wishbone suspension of automobile in ADAMS/View is created, and use...

Authors: Ying Gang Bu, Hideyuki Kinjo, Kazuaki Oyaizu, Kaname Inoue, Tsutom Mizuno, Zhi Hui Duan

Abstract: This paper introduced a novel actuator constructed by a flexible torsion spring with molded silicone rubber. The torsion spring is fixed at...

Authors: Bing Hui Wu, Zong Quan Deng

Abstract: To assure reliable locking and normal deployment of large space-born appendages, a type of lock-unlock mechanism driven by spring was...

Authors: Hong Yan Li, Xiu Li Li

Abstract: Stress of the cylindrical helical torsion spring is researched with finite element method when torsional degree changes. For spring has...

Authors: Shi Jian Zhao, Wei Min Cui, Wei Tian

Abstract: To get a way of calculating the reliability of fatigue life of torsion spring, the paper discussed the optimal design of fatigue reliability...

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