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Authors: Jae Hyun Joo, Chang Hyun Lee, Joon Hong Choi

Abstract: This paper presents numerical analysis on the penetration into a semi-infinite Rolled Homogeneous Armor(RHA) steel target by a...

Authors: Zoran S. Nikolic, Masahiro Yoshimura

Abstract: In this paper, we investigated numerically gravity induced skeletal settling during liquid phase sintering. The microstructural evolution...

Authors: Woon Hyung Baek, Eun Pyo Kim, Heung Sub Song, Moon Hee Hong, Seong Lee, Young Moo Kim, Sung Ho Lee, Joon Woong Noh, Joo Ha Ryu

Abstract: A new tungsten heavy alloy with hybrid structure was manufactured for the kinetic energy penetrator. The tungsten heavy alloy is composed...

Authors: M. Premkumar, U. Ravikiran, M. Sankaranarayana, T.K. Nandy, A.K. Singh

Abstract: Present work describes the evolution of microstructure and texture in W-26Ni-26Fe-13Co and W-28Ni-12Fe-10Co alloys during cold rolling....

Authors: Woon Hyung Baek, Moon Hee Hong, Eun Pyo Kim, Joon Woong Noh, Seong Lee, Heung Sub Song, Sung Ho Lee

Abstract: This paper focuses on the variations of static and dynamic properties of tungsten heavy alloy with heat treatment. The matrix phase of...

Authors: Syed Humail Islam, M. Tufail, Xuan Hui Qu

Abstract: The high temperature mechanical properties of dual phase heavy metal of 95W-3.5Ni-1.5Fe alloy were investigated in tension. The specimens...

Authors: Syed Humail Islam, Xuan Hui Qu, Farid Akhtar, Pei Zhong Feng, Xin Bo He

Abstract: Mechanical properties of tungsten heavy alloys are dependent on many factors including the purity of the raw materials, their tungsten...

Authors: Farid Akhtar

Abstract: In this research, the effect of microstructure on the mechanical properties of tungsten heavy alloys is discussed. The tensile properties...

Authors: Syed Humail Islam, Xuan Hui Qu, M. Tufail

Abstract: In this study, the effect of various binders’ compositions on the feedstock of pre-alloyed tungsten heavy alloys (WHAs) powders has been...

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