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Authors: Andrzej Rosochowski, Lech Olejnik, Maria W. Richert

Abstract: This paper explains the concept of 3D-ECAP with “in-die rotation” and presents the results of experiments for two sets of tooling with...

Authors: G.H. Salimgareeva, Irina P. Semenova, V.V. Latysh, I.V. Kandarov, Ruslan Valiev

Abstract: The paper investigates an innovative technological processing method for fabricating nanostructured materials for structural applications....

Authors: Geoff M. Scamans, Andreas Afseth, George E. Thompson, Y. Liu, Xiao Rong Zhou

Abstract: Over the past ten years a detailed understanding of the dominant factors controlling the corrosion susceptibility of painted aluminium...

Authors: Yan Huang, Philip B. Prangnell

Abstract: The feasibility of a novel continuous severe plastic deformation (SPD) technique, continuous frictional angular extrusion (CFAE), for...

Authors: Diana Yuzbekova, Vladislav Kulitskiy, Anna Mogucheva, Rustam Kaibyshev

Abstract: Influence of friction stir welding (FSW) on microstructure of an Al-4.57Mg-0.35Mn-0.2Sc-0.09Zr (wt. pct.) alloy was studied. Following...

Authors: Zsolt Kovács, Nguyen Q. Chinh, Janos Lendvai, Z. Horita, Terence G. Langdon
Authors: Rustam Kaibyshev, Daria Zhemchuzhnikova, Anna Mogucheva

Abstract: Aluminium alloys with a chemical compositions of Al–5.8%Mg–0.52%Mn–0.2%Sc–0.07%Zr–0.16%Fe-0.1%Si and...

Authors: Elena Avtokratova, Oleg Sitdikov, Rustam Kaibyshev, Yoshimi Watanabe

Abstract: Fatigue-crack-growth in an ultrafine-grained (UFG) Al-6%Mg-0.3%Sc alloy is investigated in conjunction with a precise analysis of the...

Authors: Jin Guo Li, Minoru Umemoto, Yoshikazu Todaka, Koichi Tsuchiya

Abstract: SUS 304 austenitic stainless steel was processed by HPT at room temperature with different rotation speed. It was found that the...

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