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Authors: Li Xiong Gu, Zhi Fang Liu, Zhong Yong Xu

Abstract: Almost all load bearing components usually experience variable amplitude loading (VAL) rather than constant amplitude loading (CAL) during...

Authors: Vitor Anes, Luís G. Reis, Manuel de Freitas

Abstract: Generally, mechanical components or structures are subjected to random and a three-dimensional stress state; there are very few field...

Authors: Kwang Hwan Oh, C.K. Jung, Y.C. Yang, Kyung Seop Han

Abstract: This study investigated acoustic emission behavior during fatigue crack growth test under constant and variable amplitude loading in 304...

Authors: M. Abdul Razzaq, Kamal A. Ariffin, Ahmed El Shafie, Shahrum Abdullah, Z. Sajuri, N.A. Akeel

Abstract: Artificial intelligence (AI) techniques and in particular, adaptive neural networks (ANN) have been commonly used in order to Fatigue life...

Authors: Jorge Alberto Rodriguez Duran, Dionisio Jose Rodrigues da Costa

Abstract: An experimental device was constructed with the aim of testing various cylindrical V-notched specimens until fracture and under variable...

Authors: A. Rama Chandra Murthy, G.S. Palani, Nagesh R. Iyer

Abstract: This paper presents methodologies for damage tolerance evaluation of tubular T- and Y-joints by using linear elastic fracture mechanics...

Authors: Pavel Pokorný, Luboš Náhlík, M. Ševčík, Pavel Hutař

Abstract: The paper deals with the effects of variable loading on residual fatigue life of the railway wheelset. The railway wheelsets can include...

Authors: Thomas Müller, Manuela Sander

Abstract: The main focus of this investigation is to clarify the influence of variable amplitude loadings on subsurface crack initiation and crack...

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