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Authors: David A. Clifton, Peter R. Bannister, Lionel Tarassenko

Abstract: A novelty detection approach to condition monitoring of aerospace gas-turbine engines is presented, providing a consistent framework for...

Authors: Abdelkader Noureddine

Abstract: The setup of the surface flow visualisation by electrochemical deposit has given good results in the case of different flow types and in...

Authors: J. Erhart, Václav Paidar
Authors: Axel Steuwer, D.J. Hughes, Zhe Fei Chen, B. Malard, N. Ratel, M. Turski, P.J. Webster

Abstract: FaME38 is a new facility at the ILL/ESRF in Grenoble with the aim of improving the accessibility and effectiveness of neutron and...

Authors: M.F.M. Speetjens, A.A. Van Steenhoven

Abstract: Heat and mass transfer in fluid flows traditionally is examined in terms of temperature and concentration fields and heat/mass-transfer...

Authors: Wai Kei Ricky Kot, Luen Chow Chan

Abstract: In this paper, a visualisation system will be discussed that can be used to capture the deformation profile of the sheet blank during sheet...

Authors: Bo Ao, Ding Hua Zhang, Xin Bo Zhao, Xia Gang Xu

Abstract: In order to obtain the projections with short cracks, a novel subvoxel model is proposed for short crack simulation. Short cracks are...

Authors: J.J.L. Mulders, A.P. Day

Abstract: Three-dimensional (3D) microscopy is a new and rapidly expanding area. A DualBeam system, with both a focused ion beam (FIB) column and an...

Authors: Dieter Horwatitsch, Jonas Müller, Helmut Kilian, Martin Brandecker, Arne Wahlen

Abstract: Commonly used visualisation methods for observing material flow during extrusion are either labor intensive, prone to loss of the tracer...

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